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QuickPro Camera Guides teamed up with Master Photographer Steve Mackley of “Click Click Academy”. With 14 Weeks of Adobe Photoshop Secrets, you’ll learn how to enhance your images and impress your clients. With over 45 different lessons on this DVD-ROM, you’ll learn everything from important skills like creating a logo brush, to creating impressive composite portraits.

Master Photographer Steve Mackley will walk you through techniques for advanced retouching; show you how to replace a background in a photo, how to create your own templates, and much, much more!

Steve uses Adobe Photoshop CS5 to demonstrate the techniques in this guide, but most of the techniques can be accomplished with versions CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS6 as well.

Week 1

  • Color Change
  • Logo Brush

Week 2

  • Depth Blur Techniques
  • Layer Adjustment
  • Stretch 8×10’s

Week 3

  • Head Swapping
  • Camera Raw
  • Watercolor

Week 4

  • B&W Spot Color
  • Edge Treatments
  • Recording Actions

Week 5

  • Creative Tones
  • High Pass Soft Effect

Week 6

  • Basic Retouching
  • Advanced Retouching
  • Digital Liposuction

Week 7

  • Layer Adjustments
  • Making Templates

Week 8

  • Background Replacement
  • Collage Layer Masks
  • Tone Layer Masks

Week 9

  • Background Stretching
  • Cropping in Camera RAW
  • Image Resize / Resample

Week 10

  • Pattern Overlays (Parts 1-4)
  • Selective Sharpening

Week 11

  • Brush Dynamics
  • Making a Logo Brush
  • Making Bruch Patterns

Week 12

  • Family Composite (1&2)
  • Dance Templates

Week 13

  • Content Aware Fill
  • Puppet Warp

Week 14

  • Lightroom Workflow (Parts 1-4)

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